If You feel Rear Ended In Your Car

All car collisions should be treated seriously by both parties regardless of how “minor” you perceive them.

Being rear-ended by another driver may not result in significant damage to your automobile or bodily injury, but you still need to say calm and alert so the situation doesn’t get out of hand.

Here are five suggestions to help you do just that:

1. Check both parties for injuries. If someone has been injured, call for medical help immediately.

2. Contact the police. No matter how much damage resulted from the accident, the police are necessary to validate an insurance claim.  Police can also be helpful in keeping the communication peaceful and under contro

3. Involve your insurance company. Both insurance companies should be notified. Even if the other person wants to “handle it between the two of you” it’s smart to err on the side of caution.

If an insurance carrier is not contacted, you are left at the mercy of the other driver. They now can run out on covering the cost of the damages that they caused. Getting both parties insurance involved as quickly as possible helps to get you the best coverage possible, resulting in quick repairs and costs being covered without issue.

4. Make note of insurance and contact information. The best way to get this information from the other party is by keeping a calm and friendly demeanor, regardless of how frustrated you may be with the circumstances surrounding the accident.

Important pieces of information to gather are names of both the driver and the owner of the vehicle, phone numbers and addresses, copies of driver’s licenses information and license plate numbers.